Thursday, July 21, 2011

God's BFF?

I passed a local church with a sign out front today. On one side, it said, "You are God's BFF." On the other side, it said, "Accept God's friend request."


I get the current social media references and it all may be true, but something about the messages seemed to trivialize something that's very precious to me. I am God's friend. But He is also Lord of the universe.

Does God request our friendship? Perhaps so, but the transaction to purchase our friendship and our sonship came at a huge personal cost (to Him). The sign makes it sound like something of an invitation to a party, not a life of sacrifice, growing love, and service. The emphasis seems to be in the wrong place. Instead of what we are to Him; salvation is all about what He is.

Maybe I'm taking it too seriously. Someone may drive by, read the message, drop in for a Sunday service and a life will be changed.

Or maybe not.

What about you? Do you like the message? Why or why not?


Sunday, July 10, 2011

What would you pack?

I am leaving for Africa in less than six weeks. Not just for a two-week vacation, but moving back, taking up Kenyan residence and planning to stay for three years.

So that means packing. My wife has put out an open action-packer (Rubbermaid container, the perfect maximum size for allowable plane luggage) to periodically add the things we think of that we want to take along....Must have books from a crammed bookshelf, my favorite high-tech flashlight, a new pair of running shoes for my wife, her must-have brand of hairspray (unavailable in Kenya), and American stamps for mail we send back to the US with visitors.

That made me start thinking. What would you pack if you could only take one suitcase (let's say, other than needed clothes) and you were leaving for a long, long time to a place far, far away without a lot of American "stuff."

What would you pack?

Friday, July 8, 2011

Are you a good liar?

I ran across this post after an author-friend pointed it out.

Take the test. It's fun and may be a little informative.

My "Q" pointed to the right. How about yours? Do you think it works?

Just a little fun for a Friday!


Follow the link to take the test: